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When I was fourteen, I remember attending a Christian music festival that impacted my life in many ways.

Every year since then I have continued to attend the festival. The worship, the life-changing messages, and the experience of it all made me feel like I was standing on top of a mountain, and not just the one I was literally standing upon. The worshipful nights of singing about our Creator while the sun would set behind the stage always made God feel so close like you could almost touch Him. His presence felt so near.

But the festival always ended.

Every year we would experience four days of amazing worship, and then the music would fade, we would return home, and all that would be left of the week were our memories and the pictures on our phones.

With the end of the festival came the end of the “spiritual high” that the festival seemed to give me. After all, God felt so near there amid the singing of thousands of people on a mountain that He had created.

But at home?

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Isabella Morganthal (21) is a writer, dreamer, and most importantly a child of God. She founded her own magazine ministry six years ago and is also a writing coach. You can connect with her at her blog, Worth it All, where she posts weekly.

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