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There are some things you just can’t know until you experience them. You think you know, but really you do not. Ultimately, you have to go through the journey yourself to truly understand.

Losing my mother has been this way for me.

I have walked alongside many friends who have lost their mothers. I thought I knew what it might feel like but, until my mom died suddenly only three weeks ago, I had no idea.

I wish I could describe my feelings to you — but, to be honest, I’m not there yet. I still cannot, for the life of me, believe she is gone. I mean, how do you wrap your head around the fact that your mother, the one who carried you and loved you before you were even born, is gone?

Our good God, in His extreme grace, allows us the time to let it all sink in. I am so grateful for His mercy and love. As the only daughter, I have had to immediately step into my mother’s shoes and take care of a great many things — most of all my sweet, brokenhearted dad.

As my eyes open every morning, I ask myself if I am dreaming. Has this really happened? Is she really gone?

My heart sinks when I realize that yes, it is really true.

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Laura Acuna exudes warmth, fun and authenticity weather speaking to her Bible study sisters, in front of a large group or in a one on one conversation. She passionately shares the truths the Lord has taught her through His word and through life lessons learned along the way. Married to her closest friend and encourager, she and Pat are the proud parents of three adult sons.

Laura is a graduate of Liberty University where she earned a degree in Christian Counseling and a Minor in Biblical Studies. She’s the cofounder of Sisters in Faith Ministries which includes The Manorwood Café Bible Study, Step Up Coaching for Women in Ministry and Sisters in Faith, a day conference which is in its 17th year. Laura served as a women’s ministry leader for 15 years, is a volunteer chaplain for her church and is a 2012 and 2013 “She Speaks” graduate.

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